Don’t just visit the dollar store make it a habit


The most efficient way to eliminate major debit is to watch what you spend. Purchasing items at the Dollar Store eliminates cost. Social class does not matter in the Dollar Store because even wealthy understand the benefits to this phenomenon. At any Dollar Store individuals can find everyday items at or close to $1.00. Dollar Stores are able to keep their prices low because many of their items are substandard. As a result, careful shopping will provide benefits most customers don’t see. Purchase storage containers that are BPA-free, craft, and holiday items are usually great deals. This includes frames, poster boards, glue, pipe cleaners, crayons, wrapping paper, poster boards, markers, etc. Shopping online is actually a benefit because shoppers can see whats available at a Dollar Store, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, etc. One can find weekly specials and coupons on their websites. If the customer provides their phone number Dollar General saves and organizes the coupons for you! During check-out enter your phone number to automatically apply the savings. Manufacturer coupons are accepted and cash register receipts typically provide coupons as well. Some items to stay away from are knives because they are not sharp, batteries, most toys because they easily break, vitamins, and food. Below are a list of items that are typically great purchases at the Dollar Store:

Project display boards, tab dividers, poster board, binder clips, dry erase supplies, scotch tape, mailing supplies, file folders, books, education supplies, wrapping paper, ribbon, candles, gift bags, greeting cards, streamers, balloons, dog and cat treats, nail sets, hair accessories, mirrors, sponges, ear plugs, rubbing alcohol, hot patches, brand name medicine, socks, brand name mouth wash, cotton balls, toothbrushes, shaving cream, spices, string cheese, candy, cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, and home decor. Notice there is not much of a list for foods, electronics, and vitamins to purchase at the Dollar Store.

26 thoughts on “Don’t just visit the dollar store make it a habit

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  2. Thank you for sharing. I am a consummate buyer but at the same time, I prefer buying cheaper things since they help me to save. I too think that buying at a dollar store is not only fun but to a savers tip.

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    • I love Dollar Tree and if you sign up for their email “club”, they also send you really unique gift ideas that you can make with supplies from DT. And you get advance notice of special purchases, etc. If you already know all of this, just ignore me! lol


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  4. Living in Mexico, I didn’t expect to find a dollar store here, but I did! Good for plastics, no-brand-name items and a lot of kitchenware. It’s a 20-minute drive, so I don’t go really often, but then I also shop at a giant swap meet called a tianguis where I can get brand-name clothing for $1 to $5.

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  5. Dollar store and discount store shopping is, for me, the perfect example of the risk/reward ratio: the better the bargain, the more I love the good finds I’ve discovered there. And I do include judgements of quality in the determination of its being a bargain; it’s no great find if it’s too poorly made to last at least as long as the equivalent dollar amount’s worth of the pricier version. So I’m still shopping for well-made, worth-having things when I shop discount stores and second-hand shops and dollar stores, but am all the happier when I discover hidden treasure there! Great post!

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  6. Thank you for posting this. You’re right. Absolutely nothing stigmatizing about The Dollar Store. I’ve gone here for emergency school supply runs in high school as well as grocery shopping in college. I visit The Dollar Store more often knowing that I can get a lot of what I want (especially when it comes to toiletries and necessary clothing items) for a lot cheaper than even my local Walmart.

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  7. Dollar Tree is one of my favorite dollar stores. They have great cleaning supplies. I avoid some things,though, like batteries because I’m told they don’t last as long. They are fun stores to shop.

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