The Love/Hate Relationship With Walmart


Walmart is a company unlike any other. Each week more than 245 million shoppers visit and spend about $466 billion in its stores. With all the success, however, will generate dislike from many others. Aside from the unfriendly customer service and suspect quality, the root of why people may not like Walmart is because it destroys small businesses in the local area. The low prices on numerous products will make it difficult for mom and pop shops to compete. Studies do show when Walmart comes into town, local businesses are forced to shut down like the 82 local stores in Chicago’s west side. This is not an isolated incident because countless communities across the United States and abroad suffered the same fate. For every “two jobs” Walmart creates, three local jobs are destroyed. Some resent Walmart because employees do not get paid adequately to feed their families. Employees want to get paid at least $15/hour and health benefits are getting cut or eliminated for part-time workers. Strikes have already taken place because the wages are not enough to support their families. This increases the hunger crisis for workers making $9/hour.

Why do people like Walmart? Some may argue we live in a capitalistic society where a business’s sole purpose is to earn a profit. If Walmart sees opportunity in a local area to expand and generate income, they should have the freedom to operate their business. This is America the land of opportunity. Customers do get benefits by shopping at Walmart because of its everyday low prices. The company treats cost cutting like a religion and always look to expand. It is affordable and convenient to many that helps millions of Americans who are on a budget. The ad match guarantee matches any local competitor’s advertised price. Customers don’t need the ad with them and the products must be identical without any substitutions. Some argue employees choose to work for Walmart. It is a choice they made when applying for a job. Associates have opportunity for career growth and greater economic security in the long run. Full-time employees still receive a full package of benefits and base is covered. There are opportunities for full-time employees for stock purchases, 401K contributions, and health insurance. Walmart indeed has created a lot of controversy by opening its doors. There is definitely a love/hate relationship associated with them. What side of the fence are you on?