Best Free Apps Worth Your Time To Download


App is a program or software downloaded by a user to serve a purpose for their phone. Most TV Shows, Websites, and Companies have an app developed to enhance their popularity and help phone users with user-friendly programs. Creating new Apps are the wave of the future because modern smartphones have web browsers that are compatible enough to do as much as one can do on a desktop computer. App is short for application that run on mobile devices such as smart phones or tablet computers. Below are the top free apps that are worth downloading.

Free Apps for Android:

Google Translate: It’s one of the best for translating over 80 languages with input of handwritten words, symbols, text, or spoken words. Break through language barriers with the translation in text form or the program can speak it for you. Google Translate is extremely versatile that serves about 200 million people daily.

NASA App: Explore and discover the latest images, videos, mission information, news, tweets, and more for your Android. It includes current NASA mission information that currently has phenomenal success with over five million downloads. A must have for space enthusiasts.

Snap Chat: Snap Chat is a fun and fast mobile conversation. It is photo messaging application where users can take photos, record videos, add texts, drawings, and send them to a list of recipients. The recipients have a limited time where they can view the message or image that is controlled by the user. App users send about 700 million photos and videos per day. The company is valued at over $10 billion dollars.

TWO DOTS: Two Dots is easy to play but difficult to master. Users simply tap the screen and match the dots of the same color. The download is not available in every country. The purpose of the game is to make a line but not a circle. Every dot should connect to a single color or connect four dots to make a square. It is one of the better games that came out and is known to be simple but addictive.

Free Apps for iPhone:

GAIN Fitness: Is the total workout buddy guiding users with customized exercise routines. The free app has a preloaded variety of exercises for a complete body workout. Just select your workout days and the app will properly guide your work out goals.

New Words With Friends: It is a fun social word game where your skills are tested. Browse player’s profiles in community search or sharpen your skills with solo play. The developer of the game is Zynga that is known for developing excellent games such as Farmville and CityVille. Words with Friends have great customer reviews and are the World’s most popular mobile word game.

Pandora Radio: Pandora is a free personalized radio that plays music you enjoy! Discover new music while enjoying old favorites. Enjoy all of your stations right from your mobile phone, e-reader, or tablet. Rate songs and personalize your device easily. A must have for a music enthusiast in you.

Dropbox: If your files are all over the place then Dropbox is the app for you! Dropbox allows users to store files on a cloud and individuals can access the information anywhere that has a signal. It is easy uploading for people that are disorganized with regard to leaving their files on their office computer, home desktop, USB, and personal laptop.