Why You Should Pay Early For Parking At SpotHero Or ParkWhiz


Driving to events and traveling to the city is common among people for the weekend or if it’s work related. However, many run into problems when they do reach their destination to park because the fares are expensive. The narrow, winding streets and daytime/evening traffic will eventually reach to open garages that are $20 or more to park for the day. Most open garage parking in the city are competitively priced the same if one does not pay early. Others end up sticking with the meter parking option. However, the wait time for an open spot is long and the meter does run out quicker. If there are no open meter parking, a few resort to parking in spots they shouldn’t and receive parking tickets for violations. There are parking violations difficult to read while parking your vehicle. Avoid these common mistakes by booking your parking in advance. Compare prices, location, and amenities by using SpotHero and ParkWhiz. They are created to take the stress out of parking by offering huge discounts to any big cities in the United States. Instead of paying the premium price for parking, it is wise to pay early at a local parking garage and walk to the event that typically less than 5 minutes away. For SpotHero and ParkWhiz to work, you do need to know the estimated arrival and departure time. Calculating for traffic and adding a couple hours extra is wise for those that want to make the most out of their city or event experience. Both websites offer online parking reservations through the web or mobile phone. ParkWhiz is efficient even if the reservation is the night before. Nearby parking to the United Center was only $6.00 on a Saturday night. The parking purchase at ParkWhiz was made the night before. Scan availability is an option for your parking pass to those without a printer for both websites. There are no hidden fees and the websites make it easy for drivers to find the best local parking option for them.