The Website To Visit Before Black Friday


The name Black Friday originated from Philadelphia because it described the heavy traffic from vehicles and pedestrians walking the day after Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where retailers draw many consumers to their store for special discounts in hopes they continually come back. In recent years, retailers have opened the doors earlier on Thanksgiving Day to start the holiday season. Black Friday is not an official holiday, but many non-retail employees and schools have Thanksgiving Day and the day after off. For people that are overwhelmed such as myself with the many deals on Black Friday, website was created to provide all the sales information on one website. is an official Black Friday website that offers the most detailed information regarding popular Black Friday ads for your favorite stores. It also provides updated news, deals by category, and ad scans published section. The website has already been featured on various TV channels, magazines, newspapers, and radio. However, consumers should be warned all the deals and ads reported on the site may not be 100% accurate. Retail companies will constantly change, add, or remove deals based on what they think will drive up traffic in their store. should be used as supplement material only to provide customers with special sales based on the category of items most popular for purchases. It is advised after reading a promotion on website to go to the actual retail website to get full details so there are no surprises. Those waiting in line for the doors to open on Black Friday should remember to stay calm, enjoy the experience, and treat your fellow customers with respect because everyone waiting in line is there for same reason…


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