The Reasons Behind Receiving Major Discounts and Freebies on Black Friday and Holiday Season


Retailers provide major discounts and give away free items on Black Friday as part of a marketing tactic to get customers into their store. The goals are for customers to purchase additional items and to lure them away from their competition. Retailers understand shoppers are attracted to bargains and about 70% of spending on Black Friday will be completed on the first two stores customers go into. Many local retailers are opening on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day to be the first store customer’s enter before Black Friday. Retailers are offering steep discounts on video games between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday because research indicates 46% of people will purchase CDs, DVDs, Books, and Video Games during the holiday season. The video game industry in particular is profitable. Cell phone providers are offering excellent deals to attract new customers as well such as Blackberry and Sprint. Blackberry offers up to $550 if customers make the switch from their iPhone to a Passport. Their marketing strategies are to develop phones difficult to hack into and to provide strong security features, which is the reason why many businesses and celebrities have made the switch. For Sprint, their promotions start on Thanksgiving Day for Samsung Galaxy S5, Sprint family share pack, and any JBL or Harman Kardon products. The holiday season that is November and December is estimated to have total retail sales of $616.9 Billion an increase of 4.1 percent from 2013. Wallet Hub surveyed 5,525 deals from 2014 Black Friday ad scans of 22 largest U.S. retailers and J.C. Penny is the leader among average percent discount by retailer at 65.44%. (Macy’s 53.52%, Rite Aid 53.34%, Meijer 50.85%, Sears 50.19%) Customers indeed will benefit on the steep discounts and freebies offered Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. However, shoppers will have to sacrifice part of their holiday, sleep, and warmth for the best bargains!