Thinking Of Purchasing A New Car?


Timing is everything when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. It takes a lot of responsibility because cars are expensive even if it’s leased. Statistics show end of the calendar year, end of model year, and Labor Day Weekend are the best times to purchase a new car. The end of the year in particular is great because dealers need to meet end-of-year quotas. When bonus incentives are on the line dealers will do their best to sell, especially if they are not meeting quotas. Buyers should always wait for December or towards the end of the month in general. A growing trend among shoppers is to purchase cars on Black Friday. Car dealers will extend sales throughout the month of December because there is more traffic starting today. If buyers are not ready and want to purchase vehicles later down the line, then pay attention to end of model year for vehicles. New car models are always a priority among dealerships and dealers want to get rid of the older models, which means more of a bargain for you. With the proper research and timing, buyers can get a great deal on the old model year vehicles. Labor Day Weekend has been the last popular option for buyers because dealers always provide sales, cash back deals, and close to zero percent refinancing options. Whatever the strategy is understand buyers are in control of the situation. Purchasing or leasing a vehicle requires your funds so determine what the budget is and don’t go over. Cars are considered a luxury so patience is the best option. It can mean the difference between saving hundreds or thousands. Consumer report rankings for the most reliable cars are Subcompact car: Toyota Yaris, Compact Car: Scion xB, Midsize car: Volkswagen Passat Turbo, Large car: Kia Cadenza, Hybrid: Lexus CT 200h, Sporty Car: Honda Civic Si, and Coupe: Audi A5. If buyers are considering purchasing or leasing a vehicle in the near future today is the best time start!