The Social Media Company You Probably Don’t Know but Should


Have you ever wondered what is happening around the world at a specific time? Banjo is a social media company that monitors big name platforms foreign and domestic to understand what “normal” looks like at a given location. Damien Patton is the founder and CEO of Banjo who was able to raise close to $21 million from investors to grow his start up real-time news and events platform. Banjo has innovative analytics engine technology capable of providing the latest relevant news and events for users to understand what is happening anywhere in the world instantly. Consumers have the option of viewing their content on the web or download the free mobile app version for Android and Apple iPhone users.

Close to 30 companies pay for their enterprise service because marketers have a better idea of where their products and logos are appearing in specific locations. The enterprise service provides detailed information to marketers with a visual understanding in real time of how consumers share their brands story to other people. This is important because marketing companies can then go to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to pay top dollar for advertising based on how their targeted audience reacted.

banjo 2

Banjo is an event detection engine that instantly organizes the world’s publicly available social and local information to provide users with photos and scenes of what’s relevant. Consumers can benefit from using Banjo because they can see and read information that will be breaking news by mainstream media before mainstream outlets actually report it. There are also hidden gems by using Banjo. If you are on vacation to let’s say San Diego, California but are unfamiliar with your surroundings, using Banjo can help reveal local people’s insights. You can easily find restaurants with the best reviews and local sales for stores to go shopping. Consumers can make good informed decisions even in areas they do not know to social events from one mile to 3,000 miles away. Both consumers and media companies benefit by using Banjo although for different purposes. Banjo is all about sharing real-time events as they unfold.