Verizon’s New Custom TV


New and existing customers of Verizon will have an opportunity to purchase FiOS Custom TV a bundled service available Sunday, April 19.  It will consist of 35 channels for $54.99 and two additional “packs” for $10/month/per pack.  The packs have up to 17 channels described as themes such as Sports Plus, Pop Culture, Entertainment, News & Info, etc.  Verizon customers can swap the two packs after every 30 days for different themes.  This is a way to give more flexibility to customers so they can turn TV channels on and off as they please.  Consumers want more choice with regard to the channels they purchase instead of paying for channels they don’t even watch.

A La Carte TV is described as a way for people to only pay for networks they want to watch.  Customers do not pay for any additional networks.  FiOS Custom TV is not A La Carte TV because Verizon’s bundles have networks grouped together with a theme.  For example, the entertainment channel pack will include USA network, TNT, and TBS.  Subscribers can’t remove TNT from the pack and replace it with another network.  Verizon’s TV bundles are only cost efficient if the individual watches a select number of TV channels.  It gets more expensive than cable if the person has a variety of tastes and want to watch many different TV networks.  Cable TV is suggested for a variety of networks because adding bundles from different streaming services together will end up costing more.


Verizon FiOS has 5 million+ customers nationwide.  Their new custom TV plan targets consumers looking for something in between premium cable and satellite TV packages.  It is still unknown how much money is saved because it will depend on the customers interests.  On average, consumers only watch 10 percent of the channels they pay for.  There is a growing popularity of people who just want to pay for the networks they watch and nothing more.  Currently, there is no service available in the U.S. that allows this, but Verizon’s custom TV bundle is a step towards that direction.  The increased demand for paid streaming services is the reason why TV companies are offering more customized bundles.  Verizon customers will have the option to switch over to their new custom TV plan.  If the deal turns out to be more expensive they don’t need to switch.


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